Choosing the Right Dog Life Jacket: A Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the Right Dog Life Jacket: A Buyer's Guide

A dog life jacket is protective equipment that is essential for keeping dogs safe in the water. As summer kicks in, most dog owners know that their loving dogs are going to spend a lot of time flapping their paws in water. Swimming is one of the best workouts for dogs. More so, for senior dogs, as it is a low-impact exercise. However, it is not uncommon to feel the safety concern as there is always a risk associated with water. It is best to be watchful around dogs when they are in the water. Another measure to ensure their safety is using life jackets for them. You can choose one that suits them best and be rest assured they are making the most of their time when in water. 

What To Look For in a Good Dog Life Jacket

The looks of life jackets are typically the same. However, some features differentiate between them. Some differential features are related to looks whereas some differences are more functional. While buying one, you must consider all the features. Let us list the features here.

  • Colours-  It is preferred that you go for bright-coloured dog swimming vests. The high visibility of these dog jackets keeps them more noticeable. So that you could help them quickly in case the need arises.  
  • The top handle- To ensure you can grab onto the handle and lift your dog easily, you must ensure the top handle of the dog life jacket is durable and strong. This will let you haul them out of the water in case of emergency, or help to make them dock a boat if you are in big waters.
  • A D-ring– A sturdy D-ring helps you lift and haul up your pup more easily. This is another point you can grab when you need to pull your dog out of the water urgently. Hence the need for a good strong one. 
  • Reflective straps. Reflective straps are additional identifiers due to their high visibility. After all, your aim to provide your pooch with these jackets is to make them more visible and approachable. These can help especially if they are swimming at dawn, dusk, or in the night when there is very low visibility.
  • Extra flotation material- Dog life jackets can be more or less buoyant according to the flotation effect needed. Depending on your needs, they can be of help in various ways like helping a puppy to learn swimming or helping a weak swimmer to gain confidence. 

The Different Types Of Dog Life Jackets

A top-rated jacket combines good looks and great functions. The vests generally feature a built-in D-ring, handles, and two or three adjustable straps. The adjustable straps help to fit the jacket onto your pooch tightly. Depending on the pros and cons of swimming vests, one can find the safest, most comfortable, and good-looking jacket.

Dogs might have different levels of comfort while in water. Some of them may be more confident and some may be struggling to swim at times. Depending on their requirement in this aspect, you may need to choose your pick of the dog life jackets. Less buoyant and slim jackets could suit the former better while more buoyancy could be best for the latter. Besides, if your dog is a brachycephalic breed (i.e., short snout), it might lead to his easily tiring tendency. In such cases, jackets with detachable pads for extra flotation in the front can be useful. They would keep your dog’s head above the water when he stops swimming to take a few easy breaths.

Low Buoyancy- Good For Confident Swimmers 

High Buoyancy- Good For Short- snouted breeds and weak swimmers

Next, in the category of dog life jackets come lightweight jackets. These are for confident and avid swimmers and allow high mobility, thus fueling your furry friend’s spirit while swimming. They are light yet strongly built. With bright colours and effective strapping, they let pups move to and from easily in the water.

Good For: Avid Swimmers

Last but not least, there are extra durable life jackets for dogs. They feature plenty of padding and thick buoyancy materials. They have extra strong straps and durable handles too. 

Good For Dogs with a heavy build and for senior dogs
Dogs of different ages need different dog life jackets. Dogs of different body shapes and attitudes too need specific jackets suited to their needs. Several factors simplify your task of selecting the safest and comfiest piece for your loving pooch. Dog-Friendly Co. offers you various varieties, styles, and colours of such products. So pick one and have a fun time kicking the waters with your lovely dog. Your pup may be an experienced swimmer, a senior splasher, or an eager-to-learn pup. They offer fits for every pup.